The Abby

Women's Caravan Calfskin Cowgirl Boot


Caravan Calfskin


Caravan Calfskin


Legacy Calfskin




12 in.


2.5 in.
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Meet The Abby

The Abby is a stylish cowgirl boot that features our ultra-premium Caravan Calfskin in a classic Snip Toe shape. The Abby’s refined, subtle design is timelessly fashionable, making these boots an absolute essential for every cowgirl’s closet.
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The Best of the Best

RUJO Caravan Calfskin is, simply put, some of the best calfskin leather in the industry. Everybody wants to get their hands on it, and you’ll see why when you put on The Abby for the first time. Butter-soft and just as beautiful, these are sure to be your new favorite boots.
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Dare to compare

"A Better Boot, A Better Price"

We did our homework. We did the research. We know what makes a great boot. We know the competition and we know the prices that they charge. That’s why we started RUJO. Sure, it takes money. But it also takes confidence. And we are confident that when you compare RUJO boots and the prices we charge with the other names in the business, you will be pleased with your choice. Thank you for your consideration. Be Brave.
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Goodyear-Welted Outsole

The Goodyear Welt is the best method of attaching a boot’s sole to its upper. This technique makes a boot extremely durable and easy to repair.

100% Genuine leather hides

Every single piece of leather you will find on your RUJO Boots is 100% genuine animal hide. We use only the highest quality skins for each of our boots.

Supple calfskin lining

Every RUJO boot is lined with a supple layer of our ultra-soft Legacy Calfskin, which increases comfort and hides the seams on the inside of the boot.

Lemonwood pegs

Like the bootmakers of old, RUJO uses lemonwood pegs in our outsoles to guarantee a secure connection between the sole and upper of each boot.

Hand-hammered pegs & Nails

Expert RUJO artisans hand hammer each peg and nail into the shanks of our boots and inspect them for a snug fit, ensuring a lasting sole assembly.

100% Leather Outsole

Unlike some bootmakers, RUJO uses 100% genuine cowhide for the outsoles of our boots. This is a classic, time-honored way to make western boots.

Stacked Leather Heel with Rubber cap

A stacked leather heel ensures stability and comfort, and the RUJO-stamped rubber cap on the bottom provides traction so you can tread confidently.

Cloud-Walk Memory Foam Insole

RUJO’s specially-designed memory foam insole is a revolution in comfort. Once you’ve worn boots with Cloud-Walk, you’ll never go back.

hand-stitched and corded

From beginning to end, every RUJO boot is handcrafted. This artistry is especially evident in the cording and stitching found on the shafts of our boots.

Free shipping, returns, & exchanges

We stand by our products. We offer fast, free shipping, returns, and exchanges for all our boots, so that your RUJO experience is as easy as possible.

Triple-stitched pull straps

We’re serious about the quality of our boots. That’s why every pair of RUJOs is over-engineered for maximum durability throughout a long life of wear.

Single-Piece Exotic Hide assembly

RUJO uses a single piece of leather for the vamps and counters of our top exotic boots. This construction is valued for its exceptional craftsmanship.

We Sweat the Details

Every element of our boots is hand-made by the famed master craftsmen of León, Mexico. Take a closer look at The Abby’s triple-stitched pull-straps, or the beautiful hand-corded designs on the shaft, and you’ll see what we mean when we say “The RUJO Difference.”
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100% Genuine Leather

We are committed to going the extra mile for our customers, and that starts at the bottom. Our outsoles and heels are 100% genuine leather, and are fixed to the uppers using the Goodyear Welt construction for exceptional durability, easy repair, and lifelong use.
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