Pair of RUJO boots the Tate on display on a log

RUJO Boot Company

Be Brave

RUJO Boots' slogan is "Be Brave." But for us, it is so much more than a tagline. It's a lifestyle. We aim to Be Brave in everything we do, and to inspire others to do the same. Watch the video, then continue reading to learn more about why the idea of "Be Brave" is so important to us at RUJO Boots.

Rodeo Stars

Rodeo Stars Jr.

Rodeo starts young, and the bravery exhumed from these young souls is a driving force in the competition.


Undefeated Bravery

Bryce Mitchell is a born fighter. Undefeated. Courageous. Fearless. He is the epitome of being BRAVE.

Be Brave

Feeling Dangerous

Following the brave Tex as he falls through the Houston and Dallas skies, this skydiving legend shows off his new Roscoes.

A Journey Through Our Land

Texas is more than land and people. It is a feeling, a culture, and a brand for its most loyal.