Who We Are

Our Story

RUJO Boots was born out of a desire for high quality cowboy boots that don't break the bank. Our story begins with the goal of making A Better Boot for A Better Price.

The Beginning of our story

Bringing a new brand of cowboy boot into the world is no small feat. When we started RUJO Boots, we had a vision for a brand that is so deeply rooted in the time-honored traditions of western bootmaking that it not only fits in with, but stands out amongst the blue bloods of the boot world. Bringing this vision to life required time; it required patience; it required research; and it required a single-minded determination to achieve and excel where other cowboy boot companies fell short.

The results speak for themselves: a collection of western boots that is proudly Texan, but remains true to the rich history which preceded it. Every pair of RUJO Boots is uniquely authentic—a perfect blend of tradition and technology—and is designed right here in Dallas, Texas.


True Cowboy Boots

RUJO Boots was born out of a desire for high quality cowboy boots that don't break the bank. Our story begins with the goal of making A Better Boot for A Better Price.


Our motivation to start RUJO was kindled by our passion for cowboy boots. After all, as native Texans, we were practically born in them. After lifetimes choosing from selections of overpriced and underbuilt boots, we abandoned the search for the perfect cowboy boot and instead, decided to make it ourselves.

So, our story takes us to the source. We sought out the origin of the footwear which is so well-known and well-loved today: León, Mexico. Known as the Cowboy Boot Capital of the World, this city has the highest concentration of bootmakers on the planet, and is renowned for its premium quality leathers, hides, and master craftsmen.

It was in León that the first cowboy boots were made for the earliest cattle ranchers, known as vaqueros, in the 1700’s, and it was there that the tradition of the cowboy boot was born. Since then, the famed craftsmen of León have continued to make boots by hand for hundreds of years. They are, quite simply, the most experienced and most talented western boot makers on Earth.

Every stitch is painstakingly sewn, every peg is carefully hammered into place, and every fragment of leather is carefully scrutinized; yielding a finished product that is elegant, strong, and true to the roots from which it was born. Today, the name León is synonymous with a heritage of excellence that exists nowhere else in the world—a heritage that lives on in every pair of RUJO Boots.

When you lift the lid on a box of new RUJO’s, you are unpacking over two hundred years of American history, distilled and refined into the ultimate example of the modern cowboy boot. All that's left to do now is slip it on and enjoy it.

Our Name

What RUJO Means to Us

To us, RUJO is more than just a cowboy boot company. Be Brave is not a tagline, it's a lifestyle. It is the two-word guide that motivates everything we do here at RUJO, and beyond.

What is a Brand?

Years ago, ranchers and livestock owners would “brand” their cattle and horses to easily identify them and help protect against rustlers and thieves. Today, a brand is a word, logo, or symbol that consumers associate with a particular product or service.

Brands are established over time and earn—or lose—a customer’s trust and loyalty based on the quality and reliability of the product or service that they provide. At RUJO, we know how important it is to offer high-quality boots at high-value prices. It is the core of our story and the foundation of our brand. That will never change.

RUJO (pronounced roo-ho) is the Spanish word for “roar.” Our lion’s head logo is the visual expression and extension of this idea. Our Be Brave tagline appears beneath every instance of the logo and serves as guidance to our team as we tirelessly work to provide A Better Boot for A Better Price to everyone who joins us on this journey and becomes a part of our story.

Home Field Advantage

Many companies farm out their warehouse fulfillment operations. We do not do that. We have our own warehouse and RUJO employees carefully oversee every order and shipment. Each pair of boots is carefully checked prior to shipment and immediately processed for delivery. Returns and exchanges are also handled just as carefully and quickly.


Dare to compare

We know that you have many choices when you shop for boots. We also know that not all boots are created equally. If you want A Better Boot for A Better Price, shop at RUJO.

Find out why we're the best

If you truly want to understand what sets RUJO boots ahead of the competition, the best way to do that is to put some on. Try out your next favorite pair of cowboy boots today, and if something isn't right, you can send them right back to us for free. We promise to make it right.