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Welcome To Rujo

Handcrafted Cowboy Boots
That Are Made To Be Lived In.

We know...

The connection between a cowboy and his boots is legendary. If a dog is man’s best friend his boots aren’t far behind. Boots, and the men and women who wear them, have been important partners across the pages of our history. A well built pair of boots was a necessity on the range, on the ranch and across the wilderness of a young America.
RUJO understands and respects the bond between a cowboy or cowgirl and their boots. It’s an emotional connection that is hard to define…but it is very real. Good boots and good people are the same….honest, good looking and dependable.
We honor the history of Western boots and bold human endeavor with every pair we make. RUJO. Be Brave.

The Canyon

Stunning water resistant Sentry suede in three colors makes the Canyon an all-weather winner.

What They're Saying

A Better Boot, A Better Price

RUJO was established to bring you the maximum boot for a minimum price. It is, quite frankly, not an entirely new idea. Others have tried it. But based on the responses of an ever growing group of customers from all over the country, RUJO has succeeded. We sell directly to you – no middlemen or needless retail markups. We pack and ship from our own warehouse and we encourage input and feedback because we work for you.

The Jordan

This stunning full-belly caiman boot exudes luxury and refinement.

The Davis

RUJO Rock Ranch weathered calfskin and a timeless roper shape make The Davis a fan favorite.

RUJO Features

Goodyear Welted Outsole

The Goodyear Welt is universally considered to be the gold standard in shoe construction, allowing the boots to be resoled repeatedly over time, guaranteeing a lifetime of use for your RUJO boots.

Lemonwood Pegs

Lemonwood is special because it behaves almost exactly the same as leather when it is exposed to water. Using lemonwood to peg the outsole to the rest of the boot helps preserve the integrity of the boot in all conditions.

Rubber Heel Cap with RUJO Emblem

The RUJO-stamped rubber heel cap guarantees strength and offers improved traction on smooth walking surfaces, so that you can always put your best foot forward.

Stacked Leather Heel

RUJO heels are made using the traditional stacked leather technique, which offers the best combination of elegance, durability, and comfort.

Cloud Walk Memory Foam Insole

Our proprietary Cloud Walk Memory Foam cushioning lines the insole of each of our boots, promising a perfect, comfortable fit.

Legacy Calfskin Inner Lining

We line the interior of all our boots with an ultra-soft layer of our Legacy calfskin, which results in an attractive, polished appearance that is soft and smooth from the very first step.

The Art of Boot Making

RUJO boots are made by artists. They are pieces of art. They have color, texture, depth and incredible detail. They are constructed by people that have learned the art of boot making and who take great pride in the designs they produce. We have watched them and we are in awe of their skill, dedication and pride of work. We are grateful to them.

Timeless Designs

People generally buy boots to make them look or feel good. It is very much an emotional transaction. So we design and build boots that are true to the Western codes of hand-crafted quality and reliability. We are guided by classic design and the importance of top tier materials. We remain true to this path.

Western Hearts

RUJO is based in Dallas, Texas. Many of our team members were born in Texas – the rest of us got here as soon as we could! And while we are steeped in the tradition of all things Texan, we have been excited and pleased that so many of our customers come from all over the good ol’ USA. So good to know that there are cowboys and cowgirls in every corner of this great land. We love you all.

Explore the RUJO Collection

RUJO water repellent SENTRY suede combines a true Western look with a functional advantage. Full-grain cowhide is buffed to create the traditional suede appearance and is then treated with a water-shedding finish, resulting in a stunningly soft and durable suede boot.

RUJO CARAVAN calfskin is a manually inspected cowhide that meets the highest standards of visual consistency, performance, durability, and comfort. CARAVAN calfskin is the core of the RUJO collection.

ROCK RANCH calfskin is the result of a unique tanning process that provides a stunning rugged, weathered appearance from day one. A particular favorite among cowboys, ROCK RANCH is the ideal choice for all-purpose performance and reliability.

RUJO only uses full-quill Ostrich hide, which is the most mature and fully developed of this beautiful variety of exotic leather. It’s hard to imagine that there could be a more visually attractive pair of boots anywhere.

RUJO CAIMAN hide sets the bar for exotic leather. Mother Nature does great work. Our CAIMAN is carefully selected for the best combination of color and pattern. The results of this extra attention can be seen in every pair of RUJO handcrafted CAIMAN boots.

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