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Our Story

rujo boots our story

Every RUJO boot is handmade with extreme care by world-renowned artisans with generations of experience dedicated to their craft.

rujo boots our story

rujo cowboy boots our story

True Cowboy Boots.

RUJO boots are handcrafted in León, Mexico. We chose to manufacture our boots in León because it contains the world’s highest concentration of cowboy boot makers. No other city comes close. In León, you will find the largest, most experienced, and most talented groups of people in the world who dedicate their careers to making the best western-style boots on Earth.

León is where generations of boot-making expertise combines with today’s technology to produce the highest quality boots at consumer-friendly prices. Even today, the art of boot making is still very much a hands-on process, and the artisans in our partner factory are highly respected throughout León and the rest of the cowboy boot industry.

No boot maker is better than the materials that are used in the production of their boots. This is why RUJO selects only the highest quality premium hides and skins for use in our styles. Average is not acceptable; only the best is used.

We are grateful to our beautiful and talented partners in León.

rujo boots

Our Name

RUJO (pronounced roo-ho) is the Spanish word for “roar.” Our lion’s head logo is the visual expression and extension of this same idea. Our “BE BRAVE” tagline appears beneath every instance of the logo and serves as guidance to our team as we tirelessly work to provide a better boot for a better price to everyone who joins us on this journey.

What is a Brand?

Years ago, ranchers and livestock owners would “brand” their cattle and horses to easily identify them and to protect against rustlers and thieves. Today, a brand is a word, logo, or symbol that consumers associate with a particular product or service. Brands are established over time and earn–or lose–a customer’s trust and loyalty based on the quality and reliability of the product or service that they provide. At RUJO, we know how important it is to offer high-quality boots at high-value prices. It is the core of our story and the foundation of our brand. That will never change.

Dare to Compare

"A Better Boot, A Better Price"

We did our homework. We did the research. We know what makes a great boot. We know the competition and we know the prices that they charge. That’s why we started RUJO. Sure, it takes money. But it also takes confidence. And we are confident that when you compare RUJO boots and the prices we charge with the other “names” in the business you will be pleased with your choice. Thank you for your consideration. Be Brave.

Is $35 a Lot of Money?

On average, boots from our exotic collection (our Ostrich and Caiman boot models) sell for $35.00 less than many of the big western boot brands. And while some people may not consider that to be a lot of money, we know that in the real world, it is a significant amount. This is because our efforts are all in support of our core values: “A better boot, a better price.” Enjoy.

rujo boots

Home Field Advantage

Many companies farm out their warehouse fulfillment operations. We do not do that. We have our own warehouse and RUJO employees carefully oversee every order and shipment. Each pair of boots is carefully checked prior to shipment and immediately processed for delivery. Returns and exchanges are also handled just as carefully and quickly.

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