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Welcome To Rujo

Handcrafted Cowboy Boots
That Are Made To Be Lived In.

Born of the Desire for Authenticity

Bringing a new western boot company into the world is no small feat. When we started RUJO Boots, we had a vision for a brand that is so deeply rooted in the time-honored traditions of western bootmaking that it not only fits in with, but stands out amongst the blue bloods of the boot world. Bringing this vision to life required time; it required patience; it required research; and it required a single-minded determination to achieve and excel where other cowboy boot companies fall short.

Thus, we went to the source. We sought out the origin of the footwear which is so well-known and well-loved today: León, Mexico. Known as the Cowboy Boot Capital of the World, this city is world renowned for its premium quality leathers and hides and its master craftsmen. It was there that the first cowboy-style boots were made for the first cattle ranchers, known as vaqueros, in the 1700’s, and it was there that the tradition of the cowboy boot was born. Since that era, the name León has become synonymous with a heritage of excellence that exists nowhere else in the world—a heritage that lives on in every pair of RUJO Boots.

When you lift the lid on a box of new RUJO’s, you are unpacking over two hundred years of American history, distilled and refined into the ultimate example of the modern cowboy boot. Savor it. Be it. Be Brave.

The Canyon

Stunning water resistant Sentry suede in three colors makes the Canyon an all-weather winner.

What They're Saying

Why We're Unique

At RUJO, we are driven by the conviction that everybody should be able to afford a great pair of cowboy boots, if they wish. However, achieving a price point that blows our competitors out of the water requires rethinking how people buy cowboy boots. This is why RUJO only exists in two places: on our website and on our customers’ feet. There are no middlemen, no markups, and no storefronts; every part of your boots’ journey from the factory to your door is completed by members of the RUJO team. This method allows us to keep prices low and go the extra mile after lesser companies have already hung up their spurs.

The Jordan

This stunning full-belly caiman boot exudes luxury and refinement.

The Davis

RUJO Rock Ranch weathered calfskin and a timeless roper shape make The Davis a fan favorite.

RUJO Features

Goodyear Welted Outsole

The Goodyear Welt is universally considered to be the gold standard in shoe construction, allowing the boots to be resoled repeatedly over time, guaranteeing a lifetime of use for your RUJO boots.

Lemonwood Pegs

Lemonwood is special because it behaves almost exactly the same as leather when it is exposed to water. Using lemonwood to peg the outsole to the rest of the boot helps preserve the integrity of the boot in all conditions.

Rubber Heel Cap with RUJO Emblem

The RUJO-stamped rubber heel cap guarantees strength and offers improved traction on smooth walking surfaces, so that you can always put your best foot forward.

Stacked Leather Heel

RUJO heels are made using the traditional stacked leather technique, which offers the best combination of elegance, durability, and comfort.

Cloud Walk Memory Foam Insole

Our proprietary Cloud Walk Memory Foam cushioning lines the insole of each of our boots, promising a perfect, comfortable fit.

Legacy Calfskin Inner Lining

We line the interior of all our boots with an ultra-soft layer of our Legacy calfskin, which results in an attractive, polished appearance that is soft and smooth from the very first step.

100% Hand Made

The famed craftsmen of León have made boots by hand for hundreds of years. Every stitch is painstakingly sewn, every peg carefully hammered into place, and every fragment of leather carefully scrutinized, yielding a finished product that is elegant, strong, and true to the roots from which it was born.

Timeless Designs

RUJO Boots are designed to stand the test of time and look beautiful doing so. Using feedback from the cowboy boot community, our team spent months researching and inventing styles that will be as popular in ten, twenty, or a hundred years as they are today. The results are simple, yet elegant hand-corded designs that match any outfit and style. The way we see it, a pair of boots is beautiful not because of any intricate stitchwork or specially embossed leather, but because it does its job well, every time.


Our motivation to start RUJO was kindled by our passion for western boots. After all, as native Texans, we were practically born wearing them. After lifetimes of being forced to choose from selections of overpriced and underbuilt boots, we decided to make with our own hands what we had always sought, but never found before. The results speak for themselves: a collection of western boots that is proudly Texan, but still stays true to the rich history which begot it. Every pair of RUJO Boots is uniquely authentic—a perfect blend of tradition and modernity—and designed right here in our hometown of Dallas, Texas.

These principles of authenticity, quality, and selfless service guide everything we do at RUJO, and we hope that you see them reflected in every pair of boots we sell. Thank you for your business and for being a part of the RUJO family.

Explore the RUJO Collection

RUJO water repellent SENTRY suede combines a true Western look with a functional advantage. Full-grain cowhide is buffed to create the traditional suede appearance and is then treated with a water-shedding finish, resulting in a stunningly soft and durable suede boot.

RUJO CARAVAN calfskin is a manually inspected cowhide that meets the highest standards of visual consistency, performance, durability, and comfort. CARAVAN calfskin is the core of the RUJO collection.

ROCK RANCH calfskin is the result of a unique tanning process that provides a stunning rugged, weathered appearance from day one. A particular favorite among cowboys, ROCK RANCH is the ideal choice for all-purpose performance and reliability.

RUJO only uses full-quill Ostrich hide, which is the most mature and fully developed of this beautiful variety of exotic leather. It’s hard to imagine that there could be a more visually attractive pair of boots anywhere.

RUJO CAIMAN hide sets the bar for exotic leather. Mother Nature does great work. Our CAIMAN is carefully selected for the best combination of color and pattern. The results of this extra attention can be seen in every pair of RUJO handcrafted CAIMAN boots.

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